Developed with the guidance of the facts that every player response different to every load, some of these responses can not be measured objectively yet and human factor must not be ignored; this app&module will let you track all subjective data like sleep time & quality, nutritional habits, mental and physical reactions, perceived training intensity etc and objective data like weight, resting heart rate, hidration etc. You can track all these variables either individually or under a definition named “Recovery Score” which is calculated with a unique formula of Monilabb. So you will have a perfect insight about how your players going to response to next training or game, which players are in overtraining risk, thus it will allow you to modify load.

Likewise, after collecting subjective variables, players who need attention will be tagged with traffic light system depending on risk level. Thereby, medical or coaching staff will have a quick snapshot of their team about making prevention plans and will be able to share this information instantly.

Monitoring players nutritional habits in every meal and supplements taken will let team dietitian or nutritionist have an opinion about every player and modify diet programs.

With this app, players will be able to communicate, view alerts, messages, files or videos sent from departments anytime anywhere.

This app can only be accessed by players either from any kind of mobile phones / devices or pc/mac anytime anywhere with their username and secure passwords which they will be able to change.