“Risk Analysis” module which got developed over combination of sectoral experience, academic researches and sports analytics filters every collected data through its own and unique algorithm and turns them into knowledge and visualize it with simple and clear charts.

This module has two features named as “Daily Risk” and “Cumulative Risk”. Daily Risk consists of two indexes named as “Metabolic” and “Physical”; showing how players/team react to previous workload and which specific problem among players/team must be focused on. Cumulative Risk is visualized as a simple and clear chart after an advanced algorithm which filters screening test results, workload (training & game) and responses to workload all together. As it might be expected, this module acts like a summary of whole workload management and differ from the other systems currently on the market by its dynamic risk analyzing algorithm.

It must be known that, some scientific requirements must be performed regularly for an effective and right usage of this module and information about these requirements will be explained to user at demo process.

Especially GPS (For training), Video Tracking System (For Games) usage and integration to Monilabb has a critical importance for Cumulative Risk Index. Monilabb chooses specific data which is going to be used in its algorithms and visualize them with its own definitons. These definitions and methodology will be explained to user at demo process. For training load, even GPS is not available RPE based load formula must be regularly used and it is already included in the software which is going to be explained for effective usage.

Likewise, for getting effective information from Daily Risk charts, simple and scientific monitoring applications must be done frequently during season. Daily Risk Index consists of two simple and clear chart which will be visualized after collecting objective team monitoring data (lasting around 50 seconds for a player) and subjective self monitoring data (lasting around 5 seconds for a player). After a 3-4 week regular monitoring period, you will be able to see how valuable this information can be. Detailed information will be explained to users on demo process.

Besides, “Reporting Module” is a module which you can view any statistics or trends related to workload or injuries, which you can compare players, positions, periods with any units or parameters, which you can check improvements, variations, relations or correlations among any data collected (training, game, screening, medical, GPS etc); as a result it is a module which you can customize your own graphs with any data you want depending on your needs.

Also with this module, you will be able to have graphs or statistical analysis which will guide your academic researches.