With this state of the art module which allows all departments cooperate in a single platform will let you track all medical issues and players who are at risk. Injury codes are based on both OSICS (global sports medicine injury codes for all sports) and Ekstrand-Hagglund-Walden UEFA injury study (football spesific) criterions. You will be able to add any application (medicaments, injections, physical treatments, detailed rehab stages and rehab load, SOAP notes etc) and diagnostic radiologic files. One of the main differences of this module is a unique platform which players can also join the treatment & rehab process real time with their subjective responses. Tracking all treatments, clinical notes and rehab load/stages together with the players physical, physiologic and mental responses in a single chart allows you to maintain the most effective injury and rehab management process ever, to reduce time for return to field and to minimize reinjury risk.

Medical module can be accessed only by medical staff and also sub modules will differ according to authorization like medical doctor, physio etc. Medical issues and availability status added to a player by medical staff is getting synchronized real time on the other modules too. Coaching staff will be able to see instantly the actual status of the player, medical problem diagnosed, training and game availability, estimated return date with one click either on the main panel or on the mobile app. By this way, problems occurring from missing information and communication failures will be excluded and daily medical reporting processes between medical team and coaching staff will be done much more faster and easier.