You will be able to record team or personal training details or drills, assign load for each session or each drill easily. Through automatic synchronization with medical module, you will not loose time to separate players unavailable for training. With a user friendly menu, you will be able to view training details. Likewise, games played can be entered easily too.

Workload applied to your team and players individually during team training, personal trainings, s&c sessions, games and rehab processes will be seen on a single platform without loosing time on seperated reports. Objective or subjective workload trends can be tracked with intended units or parameters. You will be able to compare these trends between periods, positions, players or teams. Besides all, you will be able to compare your players responses to workload with your loading trends and will have the chance to minimize overtraining risk.

Training and rehab load can be calculated objectively with GPS and Heart Rate Monitors (Catapult, Statsports, Gpsports, Polar, Activio etc), game load can be calculated objectively with camera tracking systems (Sentio, Opta, Prozone, Vistrack etc); subjective load can be calculated with the formula depending on Borg’s RPE scale. Integration of mentioned technology can be done easily with one click.

You will be able to categorize your drills depending on their load, intensity and objectives, then choose the ones which meet your objectives from drill bank.

Monilabb combined the differences occurred from methodology between game & training tracking technologies in a single platform with its own algorithm for an uninterrupted and correct workload monitoring process.